Product care

Gem & Leaf offers the following tips to keep your marble dish looking pristine. Please follow the instructions carefully to keep your marble dishes looking beautiful for years to come.

To avoid scratching the marble, refrain from placing sharp objects directly on your product.

To avoid staining your natural Gem and Leaf products, wipe up any spills such as wine, coffee, or juice immediately with a soft, damp cloth. Ensure that the marble is wiped dry after cleaning. Avoid soaking, even in plain water.

Not dishwasher safe. Hand wash with gentle detergent, dry immediately with a soft cloth·

For deeper cleaning, a mild soap or marble cleaner can be used however please avoid using vinegar, as it can corrode the marble. Marble products can be shined with a chamois cloth or commercial marble polish. Please ensure that the polish is intended for use on marble only, as marble has unique properties that can be damaged by certain chemicals.

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